Web Design Guest Posts

Web Design Guest Posts

Web Design, Web Development & WordPress Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions  2022

Are you a web developer or perhaps a WordPress enthusiast? The following list will suit you well. The vast majority of these sites cover more or less all topics related to web design, coding, web development, and WordPress.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that several websites like Sitepoint and Smashing Magazine are extremely picky in the content they publish. One of the reasons is the financial compensation they offer for quality articles. That’s cool, isn’t it? You can get the needed exposure and get paid for it! That’s a dream of all bloggers & SEO!

Website DA Alexa Difficulty Link
Theme Grill 97 20,948 Hard Write For Them
Smashing Magazine * 91 6,328 Extreme Write For Them
Template Monster 89 3,146 Hard Become An Author
A List Apart 88 49,847 Extreme Contribute
Creative Bloq 87 4,027 Hard Contribute
Sitepoint * 87 1,756 Hard Contribute
Codepen * 87 809 Easy Register & Post
CSS Tricks 85 2,242 Hard Guest Post
Six Revisions 84 13,510 Moderate Contact
Dzone 83 3,940 Hard Register & Submit
Who Is Hosting This 82 24,955 Hard Guest Post
Creative Market 81 2,118 Hard Contribute
WP Beginner 81 2,600 Extreme Write For Them
Web Designer Depot 80 14,610 Hard Write For Them
Tympanus 80 6,680 Hard Contribute
Android Central 80 1,695 Hard Send a Tip
Theme Isle 80 15,789 Hard Write For Them
Design Modo 79 19,134 Hard Contribute
Hongkiat 78 4,613 Hard Write For Them
Digital Inspiration 77 11,751 Hard Write
Android Authority 77 2,032 Hard Contribute
RS Web Sols 77 163,632 Hard Write For Them
The Ultra Linx 74 35,800 Hard Contact
Specky Boy 73 18,591 Hard Submit an Article
Mobiforge 73 192,607 Hard Write For Them
How Design 72 43,823 Hard Write For Them
Web Dorado 72 45,232 Hard Contribute
Noupe 71 51,433 Hard Contact
Design Shack 71 27,318 Moderate Write For Them
Web Design Ledger 70 50,366 Moderate Contribute
Themient 70 765,756 Hard Contribute
Iografica Themes 70 850,683 Hard Write For Them
1st Web Designer 69 34,020 Moderate Write For Them
Manage WP 69 13,214 Hard Guest Post
UX Matters 68 120,678 Hard Write For Them
UX Booth 67 95,852 Moderate Contribute
Dart Creations 66 726,469 Moderate Write For Them
Web Hosting Secrets Revealed 66 87,291 Moderate Contribute
WP Tavern 65 56,695 Hard Send a Tip
Mooz Themes 65 437,971 Moderate Write For Them
Premium Coding 63 105,116 Moderate Write For Them
Get Fly Wheel 61 35,600 Hard Write For Them
Pixel Theme Studio 60 374,946 Moderate Write For Them
WP Rocket 59 49,447 Moderate Guest Post
WPLift 59 65,014 Moderate Write For Them
Tutorial Chip 58 429,119 Moderate Write For Them
WP Arena 56 61,759 Moderate Submit Article
Design Coral 55 970,026 Moderate Write For Them

* Smashing Magazine – Although it’s incredibly challenging (depends on your experience) to become an author for Smashing Magazine, they pay writers for articles. You have to have a decent background in writing extremely detailed & comprehensive guides/articles.* Sitepoint – Similarly to Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint pays contributors at least $150/article. But, your guide/article must be of top-notch quality with a great level of detail.

* Codepen – Although it’s straightforward to get your articles posted on Codepen (just create a profile and start posting), all posts’ links are set to “no-follow” (which don’t pass ‘link juice’). That said, your article can be promoted, and all links would become “do-follow”.

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