Dating Russian Women

Dating Russian Women

In search of a beautiful companion for life, there is something for all races. But if you are wondering about an Eastern woman or a Western woman, you will surely need a manual. What is certain is that Russian women do not have the same character as Western women. Be that as it may, the woman fascinates for her beauty and is the object of fantasy for all men. If you want to meet a Russian woman or a woman from the East, this article will help you with your choices.

Slavic women are especially beautiful. They are generally ranked in the top 3 of the most beautiful women in the world.

The men they attract all have their own arguments to explain both why they are so beautiful in their eyes, and especially why they are so attracted to them. Among their arguments are:

  • The Russian woman is radiant and is imbued with a natural sensuality.
  • Everything about her is marked by beauty. Even his assertive character is beautiful and devoid of any Machiavellianism.
  • She is not only resplendent and attractive but also intelligent and very often open to new experiences.
  • The Russian language gives his French a chilling accent.
  • Her clear eyes, often deep blue, sparkle like champagne and are an invitation to dive into it.

As you will have understood, there is no shortage of qualifiers, even superlatives when describing Russian and/or Ukrainian women. Moreover, to seduce, these single women do not hesitate to play the femininity card, which is rather alluring.

All this explains why, every year, gentlemen, more and more of you consider a stay in Russia, attracted by these Russian dolls, and filled with the desire to find among them, the one who will share your life or your evening.

It must also be said that this desire is fueled by the many advertisements of specialized dating agencies, which have found there the right way to make money. There are unfortunately too many scam experiences to let you go down this path.

This is why, on our side, we prefer, as for all the other countries of the world, to test, among the dating sites, those which present the best guarantees of seriousness.

And, even if zero risk does not exist, our tests will allow you to meet beautiful Russian women near you or in Russia.

We will also give you some advice to put the odds on your side, in order to succeed in your discovery of the beautiful Russian soul.

Dating Russian woman: INSTRUCTIONS

Are you looking for a beautiful Russian woman? Know that nowadays Russian women are hardworking, independent, with a character of their own. Gone are the days of dictatorships where women are subject to their nice little husbands. These “dievouchkas” are very difficult to define. Contrary to the image of the combative woman that we see on TV, Russian women are rather sensitive and will look for a new father in their future husband.

With the evolution of society, they seek more men who accept the principle of equal rights in a couple.

Dating Russian woman: WHERE TO MEET THEM

Lying between Europe and Asia, Russia is a country with strict cultural values, traditions, and rules. Russian women have a different way of thinking compared to Western women. This might explain why many women are single in Russia.

Apart from that, the strong demography of men pushes them to turn to other countries, because there won’t be enough for everyone. Yet the charm of Slavic women fantasizes thousands of Westerners. Very beautiful and sensual, they are highly coveted by men all over the world. However, Europeans and Americans are most attracted to these eastern women. For those who were lucky enough to have one, they find that these women are truly incomprehensible.

Coming from a rather closed society where the man is the master of everything, Russian women are more and more interested in foreign men. You will probably have the chance to meet a Slavic woman on dating sites or marriage agencies. To successfully conquer the heart of a Russian woman, these 5 tips will prevent you from making mistakes in your efforts.

Before going further, know that you can find a lot more advice on dating Russian women on the Internet.

Dating Russian woman: Be a good gentleman

Like all women, Russians adore gallant men. So be courteous and polite. The Russians are a bit old-fashioned, and they are fans of romance. They dream of a rosewater life.

What would please a Russian woman is above all that you pay all your attention to her. Complimenting her on her outfits will earn you points on your first date.

They are very feminine, compared to Western women they love to walk in stilettos on the ice, put on a lot of makeup and always remain elegant even in winter. Also, know that most women in the East are all looking for great “Love”. They are graceful, softer, and submissive compared to Western women.

Do not hesitate to tell her that she is beautiful by showing a lot of respect and honesty so that you can move on to another step “complicity”.

Dating Russian woman: Able to support her financially

Russian women have a very big vision of the life of the couple. For her, getting married and starting a family before the age of 30 is a dream. For this, they are ready to sacrifice themselves for the man who will know how to conquer their heart. In Russian society, a man must be able to support the family.

If you want to invite a Russian woman to a restaurant, don’t expect her to help you pay the bill. These are women who adore stability and already see you in the role of the man capable of assuming financially to his slightest desires.

The seduction phase would be tough because eastern women do not like men who are not able to provide for them. If you are rather stingy, it is not won in advance, because you have to spend to have a good slave.

Dating Russian woman: Have humility

If you think talking is enough to seduce a Russian woman, you are far from seducing her. Russian women generally like educated men who are endowed with a good general culture.

And that’s mostly part of the reason they’re drawn to foreigners, because they’ve long been discriminated against, and they think Western men value smart women more. You will be able to titillate him with your knowledge and open-mindedness.

Dating Russian woman: Be patient

You understand Russian women and women from the East are very difficult to identify because they know what they want. Accustomed to a closed society, it would be difficult for you to start a discussion if you don’t understand the language. Increasingly open to the world, foreign languages ​​attract them.

You will therefore have your chances if you can teach it a language that you have mastered well. Be kind, showing her that you’re willing to spend your time with her.

The trick is to put them in confidence, but in the meantime, you must show a lot of patience before getting into the heart of the matter.

Dating Russian woman: Have a character compatible with life as a couple

Notorious for heavy drinking, Russian men don’t pay too much attention to their women and tend to behave violently. Moreover, they are not too interested in the idea of ​​starting a family. So prove to her that you want the same thing as her and don’t be a hypocrite, because they will know how to recognize it since they have a solid experience of life.

As submissive women, they are perfect women to build long-term relationships. To seduce them in a first approach, also think about taking care of your look. So as not to make her uncomfortable if a big difference is felt in your clothes. Consider putting on your best so that she keeps a good image of you in her head. You’ll be lucky to get her mobile number easily afterward.

Dating Russian Women

The cream of Russian dating sites (Top 3)

To save you time, we’ve reviewed and tested many dating sites claiming to be “specialists” in matching Western men with Russian women. We finally selected three.

This does not mean that the others were not of interest, but for many, they did not offer all the guarantees of seriousness, reliability of the dating profiles, and assurance of real encounters.

In addition, we have, here, privileged the sites which control the profiles and which are very vigilant concerning those who are not here to meet “free” women or men.

RussianCupid, is the site for Russian women looking for serious dating.

This site has more than one million subscribers on the counter. Russian women who choose to use this site do so because it allows them to meet serious men, open to one-night stands, but above all willing to build a long-term love relationship.

Go to RussianCupid

Dating Russian Women

RussianCupid has become over the years the reference site for dating Russian women. This site belongs to the CupidMedia group, which is the leader in dating sites worldwide. He has been running over 35 dating sites for almost 20 years.

Like many sites now, registration is free. This allows you to get a fairly precise idea of ​​the site, its features, and the profiles registered. The interface, in French, greatly facilitates both registration and especially navigation on the site.

As for the messages, you will receive them, mainly in English, sometimes also in Russian, but we will see that this obstacle can be removed thanks to an option offered as part of a subscription.

Everything has been thought out to simplify your life, and what is most important, your meetings. All you need is an email address and a password to register and start your search.

On RussianCupid, you can right away enter the selection criteria for the type of dating Russian women and the type of relationship you are looking for.

We advise you, on the other hand, to complete your profile, to add at least one photo to it, in short, to make the many Russian women present on the site want to flash on you and contact you.

For free, on your side, you can flash on the women who correspond to your desires and communicate with many of them, subscribers or not, and this, from your first connection.

One thing is certain, it won’t be 5 minutes since you’ve been on RussianCupid when you’ll start receiving your online dating first messages.

And, quickly, you will want to move up a gear and want to benefit from all the possibilities offered by the site. Indeed, and as on almost all sites, to communicate and access all the features, you will need to take out a subscription.

You can then benefit from:

  • Messaging and especially to the messages you have received.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Removal of advertisements.
  • Translation of all messages.
  • The cost of the subscription to navigate serenely is €10 per month (subject to subscribing for one year), which is a quite reasonable price.

As RussianCupid is an international site, it will allow you to chat and get in touch with Russian women living in Russia, of course, but also in many other countries around the world, and even in the UK, US, France…, in your city, perhaps…

During our test, we were able to get in touch with 20 Russian women living around us in 30 minutes.

Our various searches would have allowed us to meet more than 290 Russian women between 30 and 50 years old living in the Paris region, 640 in the same age group and who live in France, and 1000+ in Russia!

So, whether it’s for a one-night stand or a longer one, RussianCupid is for you!, the most interactive dating site

As for the previous site, registration is free and very simple, and also requires only a valid email address, a password, and a photo.

Go to AnastasiaDate

Dating Russian Women AnastasiaDate-com

AnastasiaDate is in English, it is very intuitive and will not cause you any difficulty in using it.

What caught our attention were its features. Not only does it offer classic communication tools, such as:

  • Instant messaging,
  • A video chat,
  • Powerful email service for sharing photos, etc.

But, in addition here, which is rarer, you can:

  • Make voice calls,
  • Offer virtual gifts,
  • Send your future bride a bouquet of flowers, which we found so romantic!

It is these features that make this Russian women dating site one of the most fun and user-friendly we know today.

A possibility that we appreciated, too, is to be able to offer your interlocutor to travel with you: a good way to meet her in a neutral place, not bad, isn’t it?

AnastasiaDate is an international dating site, and as such, its interface can allow you to select Russian women without going to the other side of the world, perhaps the right one already lives near you. Its slogan is also unequivocal “Love knows no boundaries”.

To use all the possibilities that will be offered to you on this site, the creators have set up, instead of a subscription, a system of credit(s) that you can buy online with your bank card, and that you can use at your discretion to activate some of the features seen above.

Something to spice up the relationship that is beginning to develop between you and the Russian woman you are interested in! So Easy!

Click here to go to AnastasiaDate

Bridge-of-love, the bridge between you and your Russian bride, but more of an evening…

This third site looks a bit like the previous one. It offers many of the same features, even the ability to send small gifts and bouquets of flowers.

Getting to Bridge of Love

Dating Russian Women Bridge-of-Love-com

Bridge-of-love can seem a bit messy and a little more difficult to learn. It is true that it is less intuitive than the previous one, and you have to look a little.

But after a few minutes of browsing, consulting some profiles of sublime Russian women, it will quickly become essential for you.

It is also in use a little less “blue flower” than what its heading “who we are?” promises. So it will appeal much more to men, who are rather hot and want rather occasional or even virtual encounters.

It is above all a cruising site.

If the site shows the desire to be an international dating site for Russian women, the majority of women on the site live in Ukraine (80%), in Russia (10%) and the others spread around the globe. This site is therefore more intended to be used if you are planning a stay in Russia or Ukraine.

You can meet many people there, even (especially) quite warm ones.

You also have the option of putting a presentation video in your profile and watching the one posted by the women on the site.

To finish this presentation, a last nice feature is that of buying credits to offer yourself options, but also to increase your level of experience on the site more quickly, a level that can be viewed by everyone and that guarantees the reality of your profile. and the seriousness of your research.

Click here to go to Bridge of Love

How to seduce and date Russian women?

But before you start your search, we also wanted to give you some advice to increase your chances of finding the woman you are looking for, whether for a romantic relationship or for a night out.

Indeed, not all women seduce themselves in the same way, and for Russian women, it is good to know what they expect from a man.

  • From your first meeting, you will have to get used to it, the Russian woman, Slavic in general, likes to be invited. And that can be understood because as said in the introduction, Russian women are very feminine. But it takes her time and above all, it costs her money to be the most beautiful, for you. It is therefore up to you to bear the other costs of the meeting.
  • Be a real gentleman and don’t be stingy with compliments. You have read that one of the options offered by the sites above is the possibility of giving her flowers. And it’s not there for nothing! This was set up to meet one of the most important criteria for Russian women: to meet a man with good manners, not a boor.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a serious relationship or at least a lasting relationship, you must put yourself forward, and this is from your first meeting. You must have confidence in yourself. You are the man, and it is you who must make the important decisions for both of you. The family values ​​of Russian women are still very different from ours.
  • A sense of humor is also appreciated…

What to remember?

Whether you are at home or on a trip to Saint Petersburg, dating sites remain the simplest solution for meeting a Russian woman, provided, of course, that you register on a reliable site that is not polluted by fake profiles. (scammers) who will waste your time and above all your money?

The three sites we offer are the sites that best meet these criteria, whether you are looking for a soul mate or a one-night stand. So do not hesitate to discover them, we hope to have given you the keys.

A little Russian proverb to finish “If you make love, you die; if we don’t, we also die. Better to make love and then die. »


Dating Russian Women FAQs

Before you meet Russian brides, here are some critical tips on dating a Russian woman:

  • Be ready to spend money: Russian ladies are quite materialistic when compared to other women. …
  • Never forget to buy flowers: when dating Russian ladies, you better buy flowers at least at the stage of knowing each other better.


  • She flirts on a regular basis. …
  • She would like to talk with you frequently. …
  • Her eyes are sparkling. …
  • She’s tilting in your direction – actually. …
  • She appreciates your laughter – perhaps the poorest jokes. …
  • She “accidentally” variations you.

Simple tips to Handle a Russian Woman: 14 Tips to triumph dating Russian women

  1. Be mannish
    Today, the range between womanliness and maleness blurs, specifically in the Western globe. However, in the outcome of Russian ladies, you have the only way to conquer their love: to be macho and powerful. These women simply really miss manliness!
  2. Display confidence
    A male that is true allowed to be self-assured. This suggests his typical self-esteem and preparedness for doing obligations for their lady. Nobody is ideal however we don’t suggest you center on your flaws whenever you’re with a girl that is Russian.
  3. Work on the look
    an unusual westerner has actually never ever learned about the daunting beauty of Russian women. Undoubtedly you may simply just take all of them for extreme designs! Definitely, Russian girls need to date, good-looking males. Start thinking about dressing and grooming yourself really adequately.
  4. Make the effort
    An additional characteristic of a man that is really shown is decisiveness. The truth is, a Russian lady won’t likely autumn for a fearful man since she needs her guy to overcome her. Don’t hesitate to help make the very first techniques very first whenever you keep in touch with a girl of one’s fantasy!
  5. behave like a guy
    Courtesy is obligatory if you want to look for a woman that is a Russian relationship and really serious connections. Get thoughtful and conscious to your potential bride and she shall absolutely examine your deeds.
  6. Have a funny bone tissue
    Humour could make any woman’s heart melt. If it is utilized correctly, of course. Russian females tend to be into guys that are funny in addition they appreciate courteous and unambiguous jokes.
  7. Show your kindness
    Russian women are recognized for their particular nature which is a good question they look for lovers who’d be effective at becoming supporting, caring and inviting. It really is essential to do something kindly not just to your partner but to all the individuals near you.
  8. Appreciate her indigenous tradition
    Russian tradition is very well-known for the globe also it undoubtedly desires value. It’s definitely obvious that Russians tend to be proud of their particular nationwide accomplishments if you want to make a lady with this land think about you, just simply simply take a pastime in her own indigenous things.
  9. inform her of compliments
    Exactly just What could’ve been simpler? Well-placed and well-chosen words can produce a Russian woman constantly contemplating you. Better in the event the lines handle perhaps maybe perhaps not just her gorgeousness but additionally her ethical and emotional faculties.
  10. Get sincerely enthusiastic about her
    This can be essentially why is her fall in love with you. Any person would like to feel required and accepted. Your spouse is, go ahead and, really really well worth such commitment!
  11. Make use of your wits
    Intellect is sexy. And Russian girls, whoever head capabilities are particularly strong, desire brainy guys. Marrying A Russian woman, you can get a simultaneously breathtaking and wise soulmate.
  12. Learn how to advertise interaction
    There’s really absolutely nothing much much more necessary for wooing a female. Russians tend to be incredibly genuine and straightforward so that they love strangers just who can both talk about subjects that are various pay attention carefully.
  13. indicate your attitude to family members
    While you might understand, a household may be the core life worth from Russians’ point of view. Foreign people choose to marry women that are Russian those tend to be family-oriented and their particular concerns tend to be securely set. In order to make such a woman notice you, don’t forget to convey your mindset to the question.
  14. Make her the center of the interest

Russian men are highly courteous towards women. They will always turn up on time, often hold doors open for their date, help them with their coats, and so on. It is also common for men to bring flowers for their date, but always an odd number.

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