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The Ultimate Roulette Guide 2023

Still known as the devil’s wheel, roulette is one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. As proof, in most films with scenes in casinos, you will see the actors indulge in this game. Today, thanks to the internet, you have the possibility of playing free online casino roulette, so anywhere, with your phone or your computer.

But first of all, it is necessary to carefully select your online roulette casino. This involves taking into account a few criteria such as the security and reliability of the establishment and the possibility of playing for free and with real money.

Roulette Guide European Roulette Table

Free or real money roulette: which one should you choose?

As a new player of the wheel game in casinos, this is one of the questions you will face. But this question does not only concern new players, it can also interest the most experienced.

It is ideal to start your adventure in this entertainment with free online roulette. Since here you are playing with fictitious chips, you have the opportunity to experiment with new things. Playing for free is primarily an opportunity to test the gaming site in terms of graphics and speed. Then, playing at the casino for free will allow you to learn more about the game of roulette. You will then choose the variation that suits you best and practice the strategies to win.

As for real money online roulette, it’s there when you feel ready to take more risks. Here, you bet with real money, which means that if you win, you will multiply your bet. When playing real money online roulette, the adrenaline is higher.

You should know that roulette is not a one-size-fits-all game. In fact, it has several variants and we can therefore get lost. Before you start playing, you should learn about each of the varieties of this game and know the rules. It is clear that you will find some more advantageous than others. The study that we carried out allowed us to bring out the best variants of the free roulette game. It is thus:

  • The European variant
  • The American variant
  • The French variant

By choosing a reliable free roulette casino, you can find at least these 3 variants of this entertainment.

roulette guide

Focus on online roulette variants

We offer you here, a detailed study on the different variants of the game that we mentioned above. We did not content ourselves with cross-checking here and their information on the casino roulette rule. We have experimented with each of the variants ourselves in order to verify the information provided.

Our study also took into account roulette casino gain in order to be complete. You will therefore find in the comparisons, the different advantages that one variant or another can give you. It will then be up to you to see the variety of this title that you choose.

The European variant: the most popular

European roulette is the first variant of this game that we know of and it is, therefore, no coincidence that it is so popular with players. If you are a new player, we suggest you start with this strain. In online European roulette, you have 36 pockets with numbers from 1 to 36 and black and red colors. Here you will find only one zero and you can bet on numbers, color, or columns. Another special feature of free or paid European Roulette is that the casino edge is 2.7%, which means that every time you bet €1, you can expect a return of 97.3 cents.

European Roulette

The origin of online European roulette dates back to the 17th century, with the appearance of the first variant of the game, which owes its birth to Blaise Pascal. The first version had 38 boxes, with the double zero slot. It was the Blanc brothers who had the idea of ​​removing the double zero slot and gave birth to the version with a single zero. This new version, which increases players’ chances of winning, then spread mainly to European countries, and now free European roulette is accessible online for everyone.

Basic rules of the game of European Roulette

The rules of the online game are quite identical to the rules of roulette in a land-based casino. The principle of the game is quite simple, players must guess the winning number, that is to say, the square on which the ball will stop at the end of the round. To play online roulette players must bet before or during the movement of the ball. As for bets, players have several possible variants, as seen above. They can bet on a single number or on several combinations. But the gains received will also vary accordingly.

Types of bets in European Roulette

In general, players of free online European roulette and real money games have the same opportunities to place their bets. There are bets on colors, red or black. Players can also bet according to parity. That is to say bet according to whether the number is odd or if it is even. There are also bets on column or two columns, dozen or two dozen, miss or pass, square, sixain, horse, bets with zero, the full cross bet, and the full bet to win at the casino roulette with the best rate.

Each table has its characteristics. Free online European roulette has 37 slots. They are numbered from 1 to 36 with the presence of the zero slot (0). There is therefore no double zero (00) which is present on the American casino roulette table, which gives players a better chance of winning.

The table of the European variant is made up of three elements: the cylinder and its 37 numbers, the betting mat which is made up of several parts, and the ball.

Roulette betPaymentEuropean Roulette Odds
Single number35:12.70%
Combination of 2 digits17:15.4%
3digit combination11:18.1%
Combination of 4digits8:110.8%
5 digit combination6:113.5%
6 digit combination5:116.2%
Online roulette guide

The American variant: for more excitement

Many people don’t like American Roulette because of the excessively high house edge. In fact, the house edge is 5.26%, which is still a really big number. This advantage is due to the presence of a wheel slot of double zero, in addition to the normal zero and the other 36 ordinary numbers.

By placing your bet on a full number, your chance of winning is 1 in 38 instead of 1 in 37 on the European variant. Anyway, it is necessary to go through free American roulette before betting real money on this game.

American Roulette

American Roulette is a casino game where a ball is thrown into a spinning tray with numbered cases to determine when it lands the players’ losses and winnings. The goal is to guess the number on which the ball will stop. Each number has the same chance as another in each round and the winning number has no effect on the outcome of the next round.

The free American roulette wheel is made up of 38 segments numbered from 0 to 36 with 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers, and 2 green numbers (zero and double zero). The bet can be made on one or more even or odd numbers, on the colors red or black. The dealer spins the wheel one way and the ball the other. The square where the ball ends up landing will be the winning number for that round.

American roulette table

The classic casino roulette table can accommodate up to eight players and is virtually identical in all variations of roulette. In free online American roulette, you are alone against the RNG. The American version differs by an additional field for the double zero. This can slightly reduce the odds of winning and increases the house edge in American Roulette. The American-style roulette table clearly shows inside and outside bets.

The game can be run by a dealer who is responsible for all aspects of the game in live roulette. The sequence of numbers on the American roulette wheel is totally different. Since French bets like Les Orphelins and Voisin du Zéro are not allowed, there is no section on the layout of the American tables where these exotic bets can be placed.

American roulette rules

Regarding casino roulette rules, the game is played with special chips called color chips. When you buy at the table using your cash, you will receive your own unique colored chips to distinguish your bets from other players. Before spinning the wheel, the croupier announces the start of a new game by calling “Place your bets”.

While the wheel is spinning, players must place their bets until the dealer announces “No more bets”. No further bets will be accepted after this announcement. In online roulette without a dealer, you can spin the ball after betting by pressing the “spin” button. The casino roulette rule states that all games are only valid for one round. At the end of all the winning number will be announced.

American roulette tips

The best trick for any casino with online roulette is to place the bet giving less more to the house. Opt for a targeted method that allows you to raise or lower your bets based on what happened in previous spins. Chance plays a big part in this and even high probability bets have less than a 50% chance of winning.

An American roulette trick is the progressive betting system which consists of doubling the bets after each loss. This is a most used strategy that works well for outside bets but comes with risks. The flat betting technique is much more suitable for inside bets. Another way to play American roulette is to make a non-progressive bet, keeping the same bet throughout the game.

The French variant: an important fact about the zero

The third version of the game that we present to you is online French roulette. In terms of the advantage of the gambling establishment, it has common facts with the European variety. You have indeed a single zero and the 36 classic slots. The peculiarity in free French roulette concerns the rules of imprisonment and sharing.

If the ball falls on zero, the player can recover part of his bet or place it in prison and attempt a quit or double on the next game. If the number that comes out is not his first bet, he loses his entire bet. If it is his number, his bet will be returned to him.

French Roulette

Roulette was first created by the Frenchman Blaise Pascal, then many variants emerged, the American, European, and other variants. The French variant is almost identical to the European one, but with additional advantages.

French roulette is a beginner player’s best choice

For a beginner, experts recommend the French version which is presented as the most classic variant. It is simple to understand and you can start on free French roulette. This will give you a better understanding of this game. If you are new to it, play it for free, it will allow you to better master the different game strategies. And you can also try different techniques in French roulette before playing for real money.

Benefits of French Roulette

The French version offers different advantages. The first of them is its casino roulette table which has 37 slots against 38 for the American variant. Next, the house advantage of the French version (2.7%) is, therefore, lower than the American version. Then, the French variant is available as a free online casino roulette. Compared to the other variants, French roulette has special rules “La Partage” and “En Prison” which increase the chances of winning. Play at the free casino in order to have a better appreciation of these two rules.

Rules of the game of French roulette

The principle of the game is simple, bet chips and guess which slot the ball will stop. You have on the table, the boxes of the different bets that you can make: numbers, black, red, zero, etc. Before betting, adjust your bet. Once the bet is defined, the wheel is launched and all that remains is to wait for the result. It’s best to make small bets when you start. 

Betting limits are more flexible at online casinos. If you are a beginner, first choose a free online casino roulette. This simulation game will allow you to play it without any penny. When you are more familiar with the game you can switch to real money mode. Once you have chosen the game, you can start playing free roulette without downloading it.

BetPaymentFrench roulette odds
Single number35:12.70%
Combination of 2 digits17:15.4%
3 digit combination11:18.1%
Combination of 4 digits8:110.8%
5 digit combination6:113.5%
6 digit combination5:116.2%

The rules “La Partage” and “En Prison”

They can be used as a technique to win roulette. All players can use it on the French roulette wheels of land-based casinos, but also on the French variants of online roulette games. However, these two rules only apply for single odds bets, red/black, even/odd, or high/low, when the 0 is drawn and you have not bet on it. The Sharing rule allows the player to recover half of his bet. The Jail bet sets aside the bet and grants an extra turn to win. In order to optimize your chances of winning at the roulette casino, these two rules can be very advantageous.

Interesting facts about roulette

A short history of online roulette

Did you know that roulette is a game that comes from France? It was created by Blaise Pascal, a mathematician curious about everything that makes perpetual motion. But it is to the American continent that we still owe its presence today. It was in New Orleans, which was the capital of gambling in the 18th century, that this title became popular. In the beginning, roulette tables had 28 boxes of ordinary numbers, a box of double zero, and another on which we saw a golden eagle.

Devil’s wheel: another name for roulette

You will hear the term devil’s wheel to refer to the game of roulette. This name does not really have a pejorative character. It is indeed due to the fact that the sum of all the numbers in the boxes makes a total of 666, a number associated with Satanism.

A number appears more often during bets

We can’t really give a clear reason for this, but the number that the majority of players place their chips on is 17. This may have to do with this number being right in the middle of the table or just the fact that in the movies it is used quite a bit.

No drink during the game

At the risk of disappointing or surprising you, it is forbidden to take drinks while playing. It is true that this rule is only applied in large casinos, but you will benefit from taking it into account.

No mobile devices in casinos

In principle, physical casinos do not allow the use of mobile devices. It is a good idea to put them away and opt for a sheet and a pen. This is a rule to keep in mind when you want to leave your screen to go and exercise your talents in a brick-and-mortar casino. But online, anything goes.

You start by placing your bet on a number, color or column. You then click on the button to start the game. The wheel spins and the ball moves. It ends up stopping in a slot.

Yes. It is possible that you have bonuses by playing online roulette in online casinos. These bonuses can concern new players as well as old ones.

No. You can go to specialized sites that offer the roulette game free to play. In this case, you do not need an account.

The main difference lies at the zero level. The American variant has two zeros, one single zero and one double zero, while the European version has only one single zero. And even if the payout rate is the same, in European roulette the house edge is lower.

The house edge varies depending on the type of the roulette you choose to play and the type of bets you make. In the American version, the house edge is 5.26% but can go up to 7.89% for a combined bet. On the European variant, it amounts to 2.70%.

There are stories about experts who found surefire ways to win. To date, we do not yet know if this is true or not but know that on online roulette, it is almost impossible to cancel the house advantage due to the computerization of the game.

If you are looking for roulette betting systems, there are quite a few: Martingale, Grand Martingale, Fibonacci, and James Bond. However, you must understand that no system can reduce the house advantage to zero. 

The odds of the casino winning your money are higher than the odds of you winning the casino’s money. All casino games are designed to give the house a built-in advantage. Thus, all American roulette bets have a house edge of around 5.26%.

There are many American roulette strategies. They have been developed for specific roulette rules and betting ranges. So there is no ideal strategy when it comes to playing American Roulette. Choose a roulette strategy that suits your style of play.

The basket bet is a bad bet. It aims to place a bet on the following 5 numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. Roulette is a game of chance, but this bet brings the worst odds on the felt with a house edge of 7.89%.

You can play American Roulette on your smartphone via an app or via your browser without downloading. It works exactly the same way as on a computer. American Roulette can be played on any mobile device, directly from any web browser that supports HTML5.

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