ThaiCupid Review

ThaiCupid Review

ThaiCupid is Thailand’s second-largest dating site, but it’s FAR the best no matter what you’re looking for. ThaiFriendly is also of good quality; so, if you are seriously considering it, you must register with this site in order to be able to make a choice. You’ll find thousands of active profiles that have been used in the last 30 days, and you can select them by age.

The girls are usually between 18 and 35, but if you’re very young, don’t be intimidated by 35-year-old women. These Asian women age better than other races, they stay attractive and fit even in their 40s. They don’t really care about the age of men, even their profiles say so.

Thaicupid review, the Thai dating site

ThaiCupid is a very active site, as there are a lot of Thai girls there who are looking for a foreign boyfriend. Here in Thailand (I’m in Chiang Mai right now) we call them “Farang Hunters”; this means that they no longer like Thai men and prefer those who are foreigners.

Some want friends who can offer them some perks (you know what I mean? I’m talking about sex, of course). On the other hand, some girls are looking for love, and that might be what interests you too.

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ThaiCupid Review Thai Girl

The Quality of Girls on ThaiCupid

The quality of members is more or less the same as other dating sites in Thailand. This probably won’t put ThaiCupid at the top of the rankings, but it’s certainly not a disadvantage. However, the quality is definitely better than those of free sites, and the reasons for this are obvious.

If the reason isn’t so obvious to you, let me clear it up quickly: some single girls are attracted to the lifestyle a stranger can offer them. If you earn $1,000 a month (which isn’t a lot to us), you earn better than 95% of Thai men.

One more thing: there are definitely prostitutes and bar girls on this site, which is a GOOD thing, even if you are not interested in that kind of girl. If you agree, you can easily have a sexual experience that does not cost much. If that doesn’t work for you, you can focus on the good girls, while your competitors are busy with the others. Personally, I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 for quality.

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Are Some Accounts Fake?

There are fake accounts on any site and in any place in the world, but it really becomes a problem when there are too many of them. ThaiCupid manages to handle the problem very well, just like other Cupid Media dating sites do.

They can control this scourge better than most because they can afford to employ people to do it. Many members (assuming you will also lend a hand) are reporting these fake accounts, and the site is charging. In fact, it’s a problem on some other networks, because trans people try to trick people on those sites. There are also scams on some sites: for example, some companies create fake accounts, to encourage people to pay.

Luckily, that’s not the case at all on ThaiCupid. All Asian dating sites run by this company are very good and work very well. Most of the girls who scam people are found in Bangkok so you had to be careful if you visit this city.

ThaiCupid: Paid or Free Version?

It is obvious that the paid version is better than the free one; it is now a question of knowing the advantages of this version and if they are really worth it? You’ll have a bit of a hard time if you don’t pay, as you can only send a limited number of messages per hour; indeed, this version only allows you to send 4 messages per hour, which does not seem too bad, but it is limited to one message every 15 minutes.

For example, if you message a girl and she replies, you must wait 15 minutes before messaging her again. It’s very limiting, especially if you want to communicate with several girls.

  • Unlimited message sending
  • Advanced search functions
  • Sending messages to restricted members
  • The best way to find the girl of your dreams!


  • Very limited search functions
  • Sending a message every 15 minutes
  • You can’t message all girls
  • They will think you are poor

Here is the method that I personally use: I choose the Platinum option, which is completely unlimited and has additional benefits, in order to better filter the girls who are selected. Then I send a generic message to almost every girl in my area and my favorite age group.

Usually, I get an awful lot of responses, but this is a good way to get started. If they don’t respond, I eliminate them for the time being and keep them in reserve for a few weeks. Then I sort through the single girls I want to talk to and move on. This should give you a good indication of how you can effectively maneuver to satisfy your desires.

More Tips for Dating Thai Girls Online

your profile must really be the best; I know it’s hard to find good photos of yourself, but if you’re serious about using the site, should make the effort to take good photos.

In fact, girls want social proof, and your photos shouldn’t all be of you alone and in a T-shirt, because they’ll think you’re some weird loner who might chop them up and eat them. At least one of your photos (or more) must represent other people as well.

Dress appropriately to take at least one of the photos. Another piece of advice: put a photo you seem to be interesting and rich. You obviously don’t want girls to be lured just by your money, but they shouldn’t think you’re poor either. I advise you to put some photos of yourself during your travels and which represent beautiful landscapes.

For example, you can be sitting on an airplane (it’s not great, it can work), you can ride a motorcycle, you can be at the beach, or on the Golden Gate Bridge or on a mountain. I think you have understood what I am going to say.

ThaiCupid Review: Thai Lady Boy
ThaiCupid Review: Thai Lady Boy

ThaiCupid Review, the Verdict

This wonderful and lengthy ThaiCupid review is almost complete, and I strongly advise you to choose this site, because you can’t hope for better. You should know that our analyzes are honest and precise, unlike those of other sites.

We experienced it first, and you can trust our advice. I’ve had an amazing time in Thailand and the Philippines, I’ve used Asian dating sites in all East Asian countries, and I can tell you that ThaiCupid is by far the best.

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Thaicupid is a great site to meet genuine Thai women who want to meet an honest man. By this, I mean everyday women with normal jobs, as opposed to the bar girls and ladyboys you get touting business on some of the more amateur-looking sites.

How much does the ThaiCupid dating site cost?
Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Gold Membership12 Months$11.67 per month
Gold Membership3 Months$34.99 total
Gold Membership1 Month$29.98 total
Platinum Membership12 Months$13.33 per month

You can chat with Thai singles from all over the world using the ThaiCupid app on your phone! How it works:

✴️ Download the Thai dating app.

✴️ Create your ThaiCupid account to login anytime, anywhere.

The Five Most Effective Thai Dating Apps

  1. ThaiMatch. First and foremost, ThaiMatch is quickly becoming a favorite and it’s not hard to see why. …
  2. ThaiFriendly. Next up, we have an app that boasts a high reply rate and is free to use. …
  3. ThaiCupid. 
  4. Tinder.
  5. Badoo.
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