KoreanCupid Review

KoreanCupid Review

Would you like to join KoreanCupid? Well, that’s a GREAT idea. This KoreanCupid review will give you all the advice you need before signing up. I’ve been living in Asia for about 10 years and really enjoy Korea.

KoreanCupid, the Korean dating site

I don’t live there permanently because life is a bit expensive, but it’s a wonderful country and the girls are GORGEOUS. Most Korean Cupid reviews are done by people who don’t live in that country and don’t understand its culture. These people just want to make money selling something from Korea. I know what I’m talking about, because I spent about 7 months there.

If you have learned enough about the subject or really want to join Korean Cupid, click the link below to get the best deal.

Click here to register on KoreanCupid

You should know that it would be really stupid not to register on a dating site in Asia . Signing up to such a site can be compared to fishing: you can catch fish that are in a barrel, instead of trying to catch them with bait. You can join for free, and the girls are often the first to make contact, it’s amazing.

However, there are not as many Korean women who are interested in Westerners as in other countries, and this is because the economy of their country is better than that of other Asian countries. . Girls from less wealthy countries see you as a way to an easy life.

In Korea, there are also girls who have this mentality, but they still want to know you a little better before having sex with you. Don’t be discouraged, because there are thousands of girls on these sites, and they are mostly looking for foreigners, and that’s why we recommend using dating sites.

Korean Cupid is very helpful in finding girls who are looking for foreigners. Register before visiting the country, and test the waters, as the young people say. You can arrange 10 appointments even before arriving in the country, and this is a great advantage.

I simultaneously registered on 3 dating sites in different countries (read other reviews first before doing the same and use my links to get great deals). Then you can choose the country that has the best potential for you, based on the looks of the girls who wrote to you, and you can consider vacationing in that country.

What a wonderful experience!

The Quality Of Girls Found On KoreanCupid

The quality is really great, and this country comes second (after Indonesia) when it comes to the beauty of the girls. Appearance is obviously subjective, so I’m not going to comment on that anymore. These girls are really sweet and this country is a bit more westernized than most.

All the girls on Korean Cupid will be nice to you, because they are looking for someone who is exactly like you. These girls have no age preference, which is really great. Where else in the world (besides Asia) will you find a 23 year old girl who wants to date you and build a future with you? These girls cook and clean, they will satisfy all your desires and you will not miss anything; they were brought up that way. If you are loyal to them, they will do whatever you want.

You can also establish a free relationship with several of them, you can sponsor them with very little money and they will pretend to be your girlfriend as soon as you express the desire. This has all the advantages of a relationship, but fidelity is not required and you can have this kind of relationship with several girls; variety is truly an extraordinary thing!

In my opinion, the quality of these girls is 8 out of 10.

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KoreanCupid Review

Can you find scams on KoreanCupid?

In my opinion, it is the only Asian site that has the fewest scams. While I was living there, I never had a problem on this site and anyone ever told me about such problems either. The reason is probably that this country is developed and the citizens are not so poor. However, Cupid Media’s dating sites don’t really contain any scams.

As a general rule, the poorer the pay, the more scammers there are. Don’t worry, because KoreanCupid does a good job of catching the scammers. Every once in a while you will come across a transsexual or someone who is deliberately trying to tag you. Use your common sense, and you’ll be fine.

KoreanCupid, Is it Free?

It’s free to join, and you can also chat with a few paying members if they message you first, but most girls don’t. I advise you to create your free account and take a look at the girls.

If you like them, it would be a shame not to sign up and get the ‘platinum’ option. Even though this version costs more, you will have a better chance of finding a girl and you can send countless messages. However, there is a catch; If you don’t get the paid version, girls will think you are poor and no one wants to date a poor man in Asia.

This subscription is the best investment you can make for your sex life, I guarantee it! I found over 50 girls on these sites, and I did it for free! I actually had to pay a small fee to message the girls, but you’ll see how easy it is to communicate with these girls if you’re nice to them.

  • Unlimited message sending
  • Advanced search functions
  • The best way to find a girlfriend!
  • You are winners, thanks to the Platinum option for a month


  • Very limited search functions
  • You cannot send messages to other members
  • Girls think you are poor (this is a very bad thing in Asia)

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KoreanCupid Review FAQs

KoreanCupid is a very popular dating site in South Korea, and it’s hands down one of the best Korean dating sites in existence. You’ll find plenty of real local women hoping to meet a foreign gentleman. If you don’t mind hopping on a plane to meet the woman of your dreams, KoreanCupid is definitely worth a try.

Korean Dating sites and apps

KoreanCupid, Tinder, and Bumble are a few of the top sites you might want to visit if you’re looking for a Korean woman to date.

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