JapanCupid Review

JapanCupid Review

Japan really is a cesspool place; you can pay to hug girls, to touch their breasts, you can even buy used panties through a vending machine. If you ever live in this country, you know how weird it is. It’s very difficult to get a date in Japan unless you use a dating site like JapanCupid. This is why I wrote this JapanCupid Review.

JapanCupid, the Japanese dating site

This site is by far the best, if you want to sleep with someone for free or for very little money, or if you are looking for a girlfriend.

It’s hard to get a date without using JapanCupid when most girls don’t speak much English. Many Japanese are racist towards foreigners, and some girls don’t want to speak publicly to foreigners. In fact, there are not as many here as in other countries. However, there are MANY exceptions, as foreigners congregate in one place, i.e. on Japan Cupid.

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The local culture is so different, it’s hard to approach a girl in public and date her. Prostitution exists in several places (I won’t even try to spell the names) and there are also plenty of small bars where you can pay girls to talk to them. It’s a more or less pointless activity, but it can be fun. In the end, if you don’t want to pay more than US$150 for a prostitute, you just have to register on JapanCupid, you can do it below.

In 2015 I went to Japan and had a great time there. The girls on this dating site were very shy and didn’t message a lot, but they were amazing in bed and loved being dominated.

They did send messages, but these weren’t really dirty. However, as soon as they entered your room, voila! I stayed there for 2 months, but I was a bit isolated. I have several friends in other Asian countries, and I didn’t have so many in Japan. This analysis is based on my experience in this country, and on what other men have told me, having also spent time in this country.

Are there really scams?

Yes, but the site itself is not a scam. Let me explain: you can choose from a few dating sites, but you should only choose JapanCupid because there are a lot of scams on these other sites. CupidMedia is really vigilant about this stuff, and this company quickly removes scammers, as well as fake profiles.

However, you should be on your guard, because some scammers escape the vigilance of moderators. However, if you are attentive, it is very easy to spot them and in the worst case, you may come across a transsexual who really wants to meet a stranger. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, just be careful!

How Are JapanCupid Members Like?

Asian Dating Site AsianDating Review - JapanCupid Review

On JapanCupid, there are thousands of girls who come from big cities and hope to meet foreigners. It’s not quite the same as in Thailand or the Philippines, where ALMOST EVERY girl is looking for a foreigner, but you’ll definitely find plenty if you know where to look.

It goes without saying that this place is JapanCupid because most of these girls are looking for a foreigner, they usually speak very good English and they love white men. If you stop in the streets to talk to a girl, you will be avoided like the plague; not only because her culture encourages her to be reserved in public, but also because most girls don’t really speak English.

The best way to get there is to be fluent in Japanese, but even then it’s very rare to meet a girl on the street (I don’t speak Japanese). In short, JapaneseCupid members are generally attractive and I give them an average of 6.5. It’s not hard to find a girl who gets 8/10, likes strangers, and knows what you want.

All you have to do is soften them a bit and you’ll be done! Be sure to let them know you live in Japan or will be there for a few months, so they can try to woo you.

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Should You Choose The Paid Version Of JapanCupid?

As with other sites that have gained AsianSexpats approval, you should definitely choose the paid option of this one. This dating site is the best you can find in Japan, so don’t bother looking anywhere else.

I don’t like to be prying (especially when it comes to photos), but it’s probably the best place online to meet people because prostitutes are much more expensive than in other countries in Asia, and also because the girls you meet in public don’t speak English very well. The paid version should be treated as an investment; for example, if you invest $500 to have sex with 10 girls several times, or even to find a girlfriend, you will be a winner.

After choosing the platinum subscription for a month, you will literally be overwhelmed by Japanese girls. For the same price of an experience with a prostitute, you can access thousands of girls who are looking for men like you and me. Even if you are not yet in Japan, you can already register and organize 10 appointments before even arriving in the country!

  • Unlimited message sending
  • Advanced search functions
  • The best way to find a girlfriend!
  • You are winners, thanks to the Platinum option for a month


  • Very limited search functions
  • You cannot send messages to other members
  • Girls think you are poor (this is a very bad thing in Asia)

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JapanCupid Review FAQs

The site is part of CupidMedia, so you know it is safe and reputable. The profile layout is built to provide a thorough matching experience. Membership options are reasonably priced.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, the most popular matchmaking app among both men and women in Japan was Pairs, with almost 60 percent of male and close to 64 percent of female respondents having used that app. Tinder, the only non-domestic app in the ranking, was primarily used by men in Japan.

However, JapanCupid is much more reliable.

Japanese law requires all foreigners who marry in Japan to first prepare a sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry, affirming they are legally free to marry, from their own country’s embassy or consulate in Japan.

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