International Dating Site

International Dating Sites

Why international dating sites? Whether you are preparing for your future vacation, a business trip, or whether you have decided to go live abroad, leave nothing to chance, and certainly not the possibility of making beautiful one-night encounters or why not finding the person who will accompany you all your life.

There are different ways to meet people, but choosing to register on an international dating site is undoubtedly the best option. Indeed, in addition to the efficiency and speed offered by these sites, they immediately offer you an already large choice of opportunities.

Let’s try to go around and help you!

What is the main advantage of registering on a dating site?

Already, you just have to think, that at the same time, thousands of people of all ages, from various professional social backgrounds, living near you or on the other side of the world, had exactly the same approach as yours, and have decided to register on an international dating site.

You already have at least one thing in common!

International Dating Sites

In addition, registering on an international dating site also means opening up to the world, talking to women and men who have the same desires and the same selection criteria as yours, the same passions, same areas of interest.

And, of course, who are looking for the same thing as you, which is to either have a good time or meet your soul mate.

Using an international dating site is also the possibility of exchanging with thousands of members, about the country you want to visit, the city where you plan to settle, etc.

It is therefore also an excellent opportunity for you to make friends and prepare your travel or installation project.

So why not try the adventure and register now on an international dating site?

What are the international dating sites?

The net offers you a plethora of more or less reliable international dating sites… This is why and in order to save you time, we have made a rigorous selection to help you choose the best.

International Dating Sites

The one that will best match your search and above all the one that will bring you the most satisfaction and on which you will feel good and confident. is, hands down, one of the best (if not the best) international dating sites.
Millions of singles, all over the world, have registered since its creation in 2004, and continue to do so today, in order to find the ideal partner.

This site is present in more than 15 countries, on all continents, and is accessible in about ten languages.

Its strength lies in the ease with which you register. Once you have entered your name and (valid) email address, you are a member.

You then create your profile by filling in a fairly rich questionnaire (so that the site optimizes the profiles in line with yours).

All users have done the same before you and continue to do so now. You are therefore certain that you will only be contacted by people who know your wishes, and the reverse is also true.

It’s a considerable time saver, and it also prevents you from being approached by people who have nothing in common with you!

And for those who are interested, we tested it for you! The results are here.

As announced above, to become a member of, all you have to do is fill in some information: your gender, the gender of the person you want to meet, your date of birth, your place of residence, your email address, your nickname, and your password.

As you can see, nothing is very complicated.

Then it’s up to you! It’s up to you to specify your criteria and launch the search in the member file.

It’s easy, simple and what’s more, we’ve saved the best for last: it’s totally free!

International dating sites by country

But be aware that there are also “national” sites. And if you are lucky enough to be in one of these countries, then you can benefit from a more targeted search.

To make your research even easier and to save you, once again, a waste of time, we have concocted another list, below, which includes all the serious dating sites and by country.

All you have to do is click on the destination of your choice and you will arrive at a selection of the best dating sites by country or by geographical area. All in your language, of course!

Also note at the end of the list, two specialized sites, not by country, but by type of relationship: high-end or short-lived.

But that’s not all… Each country has its own codes of seduction, we have also written practical “seduction” sheets for you by country, so as not to go through cultural specificities, not to make mistakes, and to put all the odds on your side.

International Dating Sites

It would be silly to miss the meeting of your life because of some bad wording or clumsiness that only made you laugh, wouldn’t it?

So, good discovery and above all, good encounters…

A few tips if we can afford it…

To create your profile

To create your profile on an international dating site, whether national or international, you are generally asked to provide some information such as your nickname, your date of birth, your gender, etc.

On, for example, you are first asked to indicate what you are looking for from the selection offered: you are a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a man, etc.

Try to pick a username that sounds like you…and isn’t too ridiculous…

Then you have to create your profile… A profile is a photo and answers to questions that describe you and describe your affinities and those you are looking for.

Also, be sure to choose your profile picture carefully, there is no point in using, as you will have understood, the photo of another person or a photo was taken ten or more years ago. It’s just a matter of honesty and seriousness.

In any case, you would regret it if the chance does things well…

Ditto for your description, there is no point in adding to it or drawing a portrait that has nothing to do with you. On the contrary, be faithful to what you are, to who you are.

That’s just what the majority of dating site users demand, and those of is no exception.

To hit on

That’s it, your registration is done. And you are itching to send your first messages. A few reminders may be useful to you.

You can only attract attention with messages that encourage you to read them and above all that you want to respond to.

Whether the woman or the man with whom you wish to dialogue, and above all that you want to meet, is from Paris, London, New York, or São Paulo, the message that you must send him must combine humor and originality, and above all must show your interest in him.

Don’t start talking to that bad French habit of talking about yourself first. Take an interest in the other person first and let your interlocutor do the same in return.

And before pressing the [enter] key, be sure to re-read the search criteria for the profile you have selected. What type of relationship is sought? For example, why select the profile of a person looking for a one-night stand when you are looking for a long-term one and vice versa?

Compare its selection criteria with your own search criteria to make sure, if already “on paper, it matches…

Read again… Spelling mistakes are sometimes prohibitive…

Some additional ways to meet

To prepare for your trip abroad, you can also try to create links with people who live in your destination.

Social networks, Facebook, in particular, are a good lead. Indeed, there are groups and pages that can help you.

Their members can very well become good contacts on the spot, even friends or even more.

You just have to be careful and not give in too easily to the call of sirens or Apollon who only have the (fake) photo of their profile attractive, being more interested in your wallet than in the idea of ​​you. meet or to offer you a meeting for a fee, which is not your goal…

This kind of setback that you will avoid with a serious international dating site like Because be aware that many dating sites are also polluted by “fake profiles”.

You can also find out if expatriate groups exist in your city or region. It’s a good way to glean information about the country you want to visit, meet friends over a drink, improve your skills in the language of the country in question, etc.

We recommend two of them below, but there are many more to discover:

  • meetup
  • internationals

The web is now a perfect asset to increase your chances of meeting people of all kinds.

So, reassured?

Most of the dating means mentioned here complement each other perfectly. You now have all the cards in hand to prepare for your trip or your expatriation, and especially to meet the one with whom you could have a good time or with whom you could, why not, share the rest of your life.

So, now it’s up to you!

Other International Dating Sites to Try

  • – International dating site
  • Zoosk – Best International Dating App for Options.
  • eHarmony – Best Dating App for Serious Relationships.
  • International Cupid – Best International-Only Dating App.
  • RussianCupid – Best Dating App for Eastern European Singles.
  • – Best Dating App for Asian Singles. is one of the few 100% free online international dating sites. It won’t cost you to do anything: register, post a profile, browse through thousands of singles, create a Favorites list, and, most importantly, send and receive messages.

If dating a person located in a foreign country be aware of cultural differences and take the time to learn the culture and understand the other person’s expectations about the relationship. Spend as much time together as is possible getting to know the person, don’t just rely on email and instant messaging.

Start with an international dating site.

  1. Register to an international dating site.
  2. Use online dating apps. Just like back home, dating websites or apps like Tinder and OkCupid are great ways to find your Prince(ss) Charming while traveling …
  3. Participate in a Language Exchange. …
  4. Get physical …
  5. Get well-versed on local dating culture before you take the plunge. …
  6. Say yes to everything (or at least a lot)

Here are the best international dating sites for senior singles 50 and over:

  • eharmony. …
  • …
  • OkCupid. …
  • …
  • SilverSingles. …
  • SeniorMatch. …
  • Elite Singles. …
  • Zoosk.

When you date someone from another country, it can be exciting, confusing, educational, and adventurous. I consider it a relationship with many added bonuses. Whether your partner speaks the same language or grew up on the same continent as you don’t change some of the significant patterns you’ll experience.

Italy, the home of “Romeo and Juliet,” is viewed as the best country for dating, according to data from the 2018 Best international dating sites Countries rankings, a characterization of 80 countries based on a survey of more than 21,000 people from four regions.

Forty-eight percent said Match, a paid site, but PlentyOfFish (free) and eHarmony (paid) tied for second most popular, with 23 percent apiece. But in terms of overall satisfaction, our survey found that free international dating sites actually score a touch better than paid ones, probably because they’re a better value.

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