Lifestyle Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Lifestyle Guest Posts

Blogging, Lifestyle & How-To Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions 2023

Lifestyle Guest Posts. This list is more diversified than others.

The following sites generally cover most topics mentioned in the title, but it’s still worthwhile checking out every blog on a case-by-case basis. For instance, Lifehack & The Huffington Post are more generalized than others.

They cover anything from web development to yoga. Whereas Daily Blog Tips & Shout Me Loud focus on teaching novice bloggers.

Hence, it might be worthwhile doing a quick background check before pitching these websites.

This is the list of blogs accepting lifestyle guest posts

The Conversation936,624ExtremePitch an Article
BuzzFeed *93147EasyRegister & Post
WikiHow *92187EasyWrite
EHow914,620HardWrite For Them
Martha Stewart906,646ExtremeContact
How Stuff Works892,388HardWrite For Them
The Huffington Post874,421ExtremePitch a Blog
She Knows865,478EasyRegister & Post
FeedsPortal85100,253EasyWrite For Them
Baby Center821,633ExtremeContact Editors
Elite Daily804,937ExtremeContact
Yanko Design8029,096HardSend a Tip
Hack A Day798,666HardSend a Tip
Articles Base79133,985EasyCreate News
Working Mother7783,479HardWrite For Them
The Rumpus77149,220HardWrite For Them
Faking News761,647ModerateContribute
Daily Blog Tips75154,890ModerateContact
Scary Mommy7011,804HardWrite For Them
The Sits Girls69148,103HardSubmit
The Blog Herald68387,203ModerateContact
Additude Mag6537,633HardContribute
Oddity Central6440,880HardSend a Tip
Shout Me Loud634,856ModerateContribute
Brit Mums62516,896ModerateContribute
Write To Done62203,732ModerateWrite For Them
Good Men Project6218,734HardSubmit
Tech Wyse61123,091ModerateWrite For Them
Freelance Writing Gigs60149,381ModerateWrite For Them
The Write Life5961,567HardWrite For Them
Specky Geek58696,953ModerateWrite For Them
Matthew Woodward5661,503HardWrite For Them
Men With Pens56500,369ModerateGuest Post
Freelance Writing56136,927ModerateWrite For Them
Boundless56198,316ModerateWrite For Them
Kikolani55295,912ModerateGuest Post
Make A Living Writing55120,192ModerateGuest Post
Successful Blogging54206,641HardContact
Open To Hope53725,903ModerateWrite For Them
Blog Elina52430,684ModerateJoin
Living Rich With Coupons5174,057ModerateGuest Post
Family Share5147,307ModerateWrite For Them
Mamalode511,835,275ModerateWrite For Them
On Mogul5065,077EasyPost
eMoneyIndeed33921,371ModerateGuest Post
ISM Waste243,285,961ModerateGuest Post